Vegan kitchen tools for the better kitchen experience

A plate of food with broccoli

Cooking healthy meals in the kitchen is hard enough as it is, being vegan there are some tools that you definitely need to make your life and choice of lifestyle easier. Having the right tools while cooking can make the difference between the end result of the dish, and most of the basic kitchen equipment overlaps in vegan kitchens as well as normal kitchens.

Good quality knives

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Knives are the very basic necessities when it comes to working in the kitchen; a good knife set can go a long way into making working easier and fun. Ideally, you should need only 3 simple knives, a small knife for peeling and cutting; a medium knife for vegetables and soy products and a bread knife for cutting through sourdough.

Keeping your kitchen knives sharp can also ensure they remain in a good working condition for an extended period of time.

Food processor

A bowl of soup on a table

A food processor is one of the most versatile and useful things found in almost every kitchen; it simplifies your job of chopping, blending, grating etc and reduces the time spent in cooking as well.

Since the diet is more plant and wheat centric, it definitely doesn’t hurt to have something that can do it for you. It can speed up the process of making anything, from ice cream to hummus. Again, it’s important to invest in a good quality processor to ensure that it’s with you for the long term and keeps working properly.

Blender/ juicer

Continuing in the category of food processors, blenders with attachments also are a wonder to work with while in the kitchen. While food processors help with dicing and dough, blenders are great for making creams and smoothies.

They keep the nutrition value intact while allowing you to experiment as much as you want. From smooth fillings for cakes to vegetable juices, it does it all.

The quality of a blender matter as it decides how smoothly it’ll work and the functions that it can perform.

Avocado cutters

Avocados are a great source of nutrition and protein. And considering they’re pretty delicious, they’re also popularly found in a lot of vegan kitchens. Avocados get pretty messy and difficult to cut so they’re a massive task while cooking. However, avocado cutters cut down the time and energy required to prepare them as well as it keeps your hands clean and safe.

They can be used to cut, slice and scoop out the fruit. While making guacamole and toast, it reduces your time and eliminates the need for knives.


Even though vegans and non-vegans have a pretty different choice of lifestyle and food, the basic kitchen necessities remain pretty much the same for both of them. While one needs more knives, one needs an avocado slicer; but working in the kitchen, vegans do needs to have some basic tools. 

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