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Types and Uses of Traditional Japanese Kitchen Products

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The Japanese kitchen is a far cry from the Western style home chef’s kitchen. While the Japanese have maintained their cooking traditions for hundreds of years, the Western world has only adopted these basic elements and adapted them for use in their own kitchens. The Japanese actually put a great deal of thought into the design of their kitchen and still concentrate on the quality of their ingredients and cooking methods. This is not to say that the Japanese kitchen products are superior to those available in the West, far from it! The Japanese have developed their products to the point where they are now competing with some of the best brands in the world.

An Overview

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When you look at traditional Japanese kitchen equipment, you will see several main items. First and most obviously are the rice cooker, which is used to cook rice. To prepare rice you will need either a traditional or modern type of rice cooker, and these can be purchased new or used slightly worn, or even re-manufactured. A number of Japanese rice cookers have a control knob right on the pot, which makes cooking rice considerably easier. There are also many rice recipes available on the Internet for your convenience!

A second item in the Japanese kitchen is the tea kettle, which is used to boil water for tea or for cooking rice. You will also see other Japanese products such as sushi machines and wok tools. These items come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Some of the most popular types of sushi machines are the rice ball machine, the rice chopper and the electric frying pan. A typical Japanese steamer, which is used to steam vegetables, can also be used to drizzle butter over fish and poultry dishes.

Traditional Japanese Kitchen Product

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Probably one of the most popular Japanese kitchen product is the Japanese chopstick. It can be used for all kinds of tasks, and it is easily available at many department and party stores. These chopsticks are traditionally made of wood, but nowadays they are also available in plastic and metal. Another handy Japanese kitchen tool is the rice cooker, which can be used for cooking rice, spaghetti, eggs, pancakes and other meals.

Another handy Japanese kitchen tool is the Japanese microwave. This is especially helpful when you want to prepare food for a family gathering that has a set cooking time. The microwave, which comes in both digital and analog models, is perfect for reheating kamaboko (beef kebabs), instant rice, and even cookies. The Japanese microwave can also be used to heat up soup, reconstituted sushi and grilled foods.

One of the most important items in a Japanese kitchen is the rice cooker. These come in many sizes and shapes, and there are some that can be used for more than one dish at a time. A popular shape is the round rice cooker, which is very convenient for many people because it is small enough to fit on a countertop. Japanese rice cookers are also widely used in many other types of kitchens, and many other types of kitchen products have been inspired by them.

One of the most popular items in a Japanese kitchen is a large Ottoman. These are usually made of rice paper and come with a built-in fan. They are easy to use, and many include a built-in lamp. Some models have built-in fans, too. The woman is also ideal for keeping your feet warm, while you prepare some meals.

In The End

There are many other kitchen products in Japan that have been inspired by the traditional Japanese kitchen. These include commercial ovens and wok frying pans. Many Japanese cooks use these instead of the frying pans and griddles that most westerners have become accustomed to. Even the chop sticks, which are solely used for stir-frying, were once used as kitchen tools in Japan.

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