The Modular Kitchen Ideas -

The Modular Kitchen Ideas

The Modular Kitchen Ideas For Big Kitchens

Are you thinking to renovate your kitchen? If yes, then you have landed to a right page! The kitchen designing is not merely about hiring the best interior designer, but it is about the right materials and the colors too. With this guide, we will present you the best kitchen ideas that are perfect for the spacious kitchens.

The Best Layout Kitchen Ideas

Choosing a large kitchen layout is the most significant factor during the designing process. By the layout, we don’t mean style, color, or decor details. The focus of the layout is giving importance to everything i.e., from the installation of the sink, appliances, countertops, cupboards to windows, doors, and kitchen furniture.

The U-Shape layout, Island layout, L-Shape layout, G-Shaped layout, and Island layout are the most appropriate layouts for big kitchens. Any of these layouts are quite fit to use for huge spaces to host your large family or friends group.

Structure Broad Walkways

Access all through a kitchen ought to be a minimum of 36 inches in width. Paths inside the cooking area ought to be 42 inches wide for a one-cook kitchen and 48 inches in width for a two-cook plan. So, when designing plan kitchen peninsulas and kitchen islands as needed.

Good Lighting Kitchen Ideas

Inadequate lighting is one of the biggest obstacles noticed in so many individuals’ kitchens. It’s advisable in designing the modular kitchen to add as many sources of light as you can. A LED strip placed below your top cabinets can support in lighting the countertop, and overhead track lighting will further brighten the space. Additionally, you should surely add a decorative wall light in your modular kitchen space.

Plan An Area For Larger Appliances

Indeed, your blender is not a big deal to forget about on the counter. However, when you have ample space in your kitchen to store it, why not use the area precisely?
You’re totally wasting the space in your kitchen that doesn’t store huge appliances like slow cookers, blenders, and ovens. Also, do not forget to place cabinets above the refrigerator space. By not using this place you’re wasting space in the large kitchen.
So, record this tip when you start planning out cabinets and layout do not forget storage for the appliances too. A well-organized kitchen is appealing to eyes and much functional as well.

The Modular Kitchen Ideas For Big Kitchens
The Modular Kitchen Ideas For Big Kitchens

Install Drawers To Both Sides Of Worktop

Any individual who needs to get down on their knees to find out the pots and container from the lower cupboards know the struggle. They will acknowledge the value of the drawers installed on the left and right sides. Plus, offering a more stylish and handy look to large kitchens. It let you have a full view of the inside items along with simple access to them. Place wood or wire drawers inside your cupboards to boost the utility of drawers.

The Modular Kitchen Ideas For Big Kitchens
The Modular Kitchen Ideas For Big Kitchens

Play With Colors

The best part about big and modern kitchen design is that you can play with bold colors or stick to neutral tones as per your taste. If you desire to experiment with color, opt for shades of green, blue, red, black, orange, and silver. Complement them with cabinet finishes in laminate or acrylic.

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