Some Kitchen Design Trends

Some Kitchen Design Trends You Must Know For 2019

A kitchen is no less than a workshop as it has to go through a lot of oil, grease, stains etc. along with other such issues. If your kitchen is in a wear and tear condition, it is high time that you consider for its renovation soon. With the right kind of design and colour, your kitchen can uplift your mood and make you more energetic. This will have an impact on your cooking skills as well.w We will discuss Some Kitchen Design Trends You Must Know For 2019.

To enhance the appeal of your kitchen, you must check out these kitchen trend designs for 2019. They bring together technology and functionality into your kitchen. They make your cooking easier while making your kitchen appear aesthetically impressive.

Some Kitchen Design Trends You Must Know For 2019
Some Kitchen Design Trends You Must Know For 2019

Bespoke Larders And Pantries

Bespoke larders are a dominant trend for kitchens in 2019. It occupies less space and accommodates a lot of things in the kitchen. This is where its functionality comes into play. You can store many kitchen essentials at the right temperature inside the bespoke larders.

Kitchen Islands

A kitchen island makes for a luxurious space in your kitchen. Apart from being a perfect place to perch, a kitchen island has multiple uses. You can use it for keeping extra kitchen stuff or transform into a mini dining table by adding stools. You may also opt for peninsulas. A peninsula being attached to a wall saves up some space as compared to a kitchen island. They are mostly built on a single wall in an L shaped structure.

Benches And Banquette Seating

Use of benches and banquettes is the new emerging kitchen design trend for 2019. You can utilize the kitchen space to the fullest by going for benches and banquettes. They are great to sit and relax while engaging in long conversations over food. The comfortable headspace is the bonus here.
Apart from the designs, there are specific colours too that constitute the kitchen trends for 2019:

Some Kitchen Design Trends You Must Know For 2019
Some Kitchen Design Trends You Must Know For 2019

Apple Green

Green has always been known for being a serene and calming colour. It is a true representation of harmony, renewal, growth and balance. All these qualities form a perfect ambience for a new beginning. Apple green is a lighter and sober version of green that has the same calming effect. It is linked to nature and looks great with a cream colour. You may also add some green plants in your kitchen to complement the apple green walls.

Violet Colour Trends

Violet is considered as a noble colour that represents wealth and extravagance. It looks more vibrant when combined with white. Violet comes in between the energy of red and the calming effect of blue. It is often associated with knowledge and creativity. You may go for neutrals or pale wood tones in your kitchen to pair up with violet.

Grey Colour Trends

Grey is a neutral colour for your kitchen space that will stand the test of time. It gives a balance and is an emotional colour. It represents a gesture of compromise, something that is neither black nor white. Grey looks beautiful when combined with a bright pink colour. Both these colours create a happy and calm space in your mind.

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