Smart Kitchen Appliances for Todays Family

smart kitchen appliances

Smart kitchen appliances are the wave of the future for homeowners. The older types of appliances took up more room and needed more upkeep than new items on the market. New items on the market now offer more energy efficiency, durability and safety features than ever before. Smart refrigerators, smart ovens, dishwashers and other appliances are smarter options for families to choose for their homes.

An Overview

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One of the most common uses for smart kitchen appliances is for controlling the temperature of a kitchen space. Older fridges would leave food items at room temperature while no cooking was done, and people had to put ice cubes inside the fridge to keep it cold. A more intelligent fridge will use real time temperature and cycle through different modes while maintaining constant temperature. This is especially useful for larger family style houses where there may be unexpected changes in cooking schedules due to family members having a large influence on the meals. It’s smart to have an item that can maintain a consistent temperature for long periods of time.

A smart oven is also smart kitchen appliances feature that many homeowners don’t consider. There are few kitchen tasks that can be done faster than frying an egg in a skillet. Most people have a preheated oven with an adjustable or preload setting that makes frying eggs a breeze. There’s no need to worry about leaving an entire egg in the skillet or waiting until the pan is completely cold. The electric timer that comes with most models helps to ensure the food is done when it’s ready to be served.


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Dishwashers that are smart appliances take some of the work out of cleaning. Old stainless steel dishwashers take up much more room than newer models made of plastic or cloth. The electric drum is what spins the water in the dishwasher and washing dishes is usually much less messy with a rotating device rather than a rotating brush or other utensil. A dishwasher with smart kitchen appliances is not only smarter but also more energy efficient. Energy Star certifies the energy efficiency of most dishwashers.

Smart kitchen appliances feature that has been growing in popularity over the last decade is a microwave that is both smart and delicious. Many microwave ovens are available with built-in microwaves that can be programmed to cook different foods at different cooking times and to keep different dishes from heating up. These appliances can quickly brown foods, keep dry foods such as soups and sauces from boiling over and can even thicken sauces without releasing the liquids. Food cooked on a regular cycle can retain its flavor for up to thirty minutes after being cooked.

Popular Cooking Appliance

A popular cooking appliance that is smart kitchen appliances is the Avanti smart oven. The oven has an electronic timer, a touch screen, and a large adjustable knob for controlling the temperature. The anti oven comes with two racks for baking and grilling and a removable stainless steel bottom rack that can be used for baking. The appliance also has two non-stick pans that are easily cleaned for maximum food safety. The avanti also features a convection feature and comes standard on all models.

Air fryers are smart kitchen appliances that are also growing in popularity because they are more affordable than traditional deep fryers. With one hour of cooking time on an air fryer, you can prepare three meals of different sizes. Most air fryers come with a non-stick exterior and a long cord to allow you to conveniently carry it from place to place. They are also energy efficient when it comes to energy consumption, which makes them a smart choice for homes with small sized kitchens. They are available in most styles and most price ranges.

Final One

Another smart kitchen appliance that is making waves in today’s world is the smart phone. With the increasing popularity of smart phones and the availability of downloadable apps on most new phones, many are finding it easy to stay connected with family and friends while spending time in the comfort of their own kitchen. One such app, called MySpace On Any Wire, allows the user to remotely control the television, control music and video, control your internet browser, and much more right from your phone.


There is even some apps that allow the user to play instructional videos while cooking. One of the hottest new applications for smart phones is cooked, which allows users to combine cooking and social media at the same time. Cookaid also uses Wi-Fi to connect to the internet so that you don’t have to get up to get a cup of coffee during a busy day at work.

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