Old Kitchen Utensils – 7 Steps to Reusing the Old Kitchen Utensils

old kitchen utensils

There is something about the smell of warm food and the memories that you get when you make it at home with your families that just makes you smile. One way to keep that smile intact is by using your old kitchenware in your new cooking venture. You can turn the memories into wonderful decorative items for your home with one simple step. All it really takes is a little bit of creativity and the use of your favorite kitchen utensils in a modern way that has a touch of your history as well.

First Step

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For starters, you can start off this project by finding some great vintage kitchen utensils that are going to look great in your kitchen. You may find some of them that you may never have even seen before and you will want to snap them up quickly. Many people like to collect old appliances and other kitchenware for their collections. Just make sure that you are buying ones that still look good and function properly before you rush out to buy the entire lot because you realized that they were antiques.

Second Step

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Second, think outside the box and see what else you can recycle. You may not realize it but there are all kinds of unique things that you can use to add creativity to your home. One of the old kitchen utensils that always come to mind when people think of this type of collection is the simple wooden pestle and spoon set. You can use the wood pieces that you have collected from old recipes or maybe build a collection around an antique vase or tea pot that you never use.

Third Step

Third, another fun thing you can do is to try and collect all of the different kinds of vintage ceramic plates and cookware that are out there. When people first started building houses back in the eighteenth century, they would often include porcelain plates made from ceramic bricks to house their meals. These utensils are very popular to collectors today because they are so beautiful and very old. It just goes to show that sometimes the simplest things can be the most beautiful.

Fourth Step

Fourth, you can look for kitchenware and other items at garage sales and flea markets. Sometimes the owners of these kinds of stores don’t really want to sell them because they figure a large lot of people are going to want to get them for their own kitchens. You can sometimes pick up great deals at flea markets for kitchenware and large lot sizes. If you have a few hundred dollars to spend on a good number of old ceramic utensils, then that’s a great way to spend your money because you are almost guaranteed to find something that is in great condition and probably still in pretty pristine condition.

Fifth Step

Fifth, you can look for vintage kitchen utensils at auctions and swap meets. You can also buy these things directly from people who no longer use them or just never thought they would be able to use them again because of a certain incident. You can often find vintage wood handles for the spoons that are so valuable and hard to find elsewhere. These old wood handles are also perfect for holding the wooden spoons in place on tables to prevent them from moving around when you move the table. When you get home with your new set of wooden spoons, you will realize how much they were actually worth just because they were so beautiful and you got them at such an awesome price.

Sixth Step

Sixth, if all else fails, you can purchase antique reproductions at antique stores or online merchants. Sometimes people sell their old ceramic or wooden utensils because they have run out of money and haven’t the time to keep it looking as good as it did when it was brand new. There are some great reproductions out there and some of them can be quite useful and usable, even though they don’t have the look and feel of the real thing. This is also a good way to get a good deal because you can always return the items if it doesn’t work for you don’t think they will look as nice in person as they did online or in the store.

Last But Not Least

Seventh, you can always make things like bread bowls or cake pans and other food mold by using some parts of old tinned tin cans and other similar items. You can either melt them down and then pour melted plastic over them to create the mold for them or you can simply use some parts of old food mold. This is another way to reuse items because it will still work in most kitchens and it is still a very good usable condition. Just measure 8 Oz. per square inch when you go to melt it down to make your new mold and then pour the melted plastic over it for good measure, so you have a good solid foundation for your new food mold.

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