Knives & Accessories: How To Buy


Buying kitchen knives is a tricky task when you don’t know the various aspects. Just like the other kitchen utensils and accessories, the knives need to be replaced or changed to maintain the quality of your kitchen. If you are buying knives for the first time or replacing the old set with a new one, here are some essential factors that will help you to go for the right one. Knowing these aspects will also improve your culinary skills for sure.

Know The Names:

Depending upon your cooking style and habits, you need to choose the most suitable kitchen knife. Now, there are numerous designs, shapes, and sizes of kitchen knives that have different names. For instance, a paring knife, a chef’s knife, a bread knife, and a carving knife are some popular names. When you are looking for a new set of knives or a single knife, you will be able to pick the right one instantly when you know their names.

Knives & Accessories: How To Buy
Knives & Accessories: How To Buy

Know The Purpose Of Knives:

As we already know, your requirement for the kitchen knife depends upon your cooking style and habits. Therefore, make sure that you opt for the ones that you actually need. For kitchen decoration, a full set of kitchen knife will look wonderful, but when it comes to the purpose, there is scope for narrowing down your search and only pick the specific ones. For instance, you need a paring knife to chop and slice tomatoes, veggies, and citrus.

Go For A Trial:

Kitchen knife comes in various sizes, and when you are buying a new kitchen knife from a store, ask the shopkeeper to allow you a trial. When you hold the knife with your hand, you will be able to choose the most comfortable one. For example, if you want to select one among three chopping knives of different sizes and shapes, opt for the one that provides you the best grip and comfort.

Knives & Accessories: How To Buy
Knives & Accessories: How To Buy

Measure The Weight And Quality:

Depending upon the weight of the knife, the quality varies. If you are searching for the best quality ones, you will know from its weight. Some of the best quality knives are one the heavier side while there are latest innovations that are making the sleek and light blades sturdier. Hence, measuring the weight with your hand is essential. Secondly, knowing about the material is vital while ensuring quality. Now, when you want a handy knife that weighs less and yet works correctly, you know how to choose the same.

The 3 Essential Kitchen Knives:

Experts suggest that only the three essential kitchen knives can let you do the entire necessary work. So, say goodbye to those big knife blocks and look for the primary three designs. Every chef needs these three designs to accomplish almost all the required culinary work. These are – chef’s knife, paring knife, and serrated knife. The first one is perfect for everyday preparation requirements like slicing and dicing, while the second one is for slicing citrus, chopping tomatoes, and other vegetables. The third one will let you cut cakes, puddings, and bread easily.