Kitchen Tools and Utensils That Every Kitchen Needs

kitchen tools and utensils

A kitchen tool is usually a small hand held instrument utilized for food preparation. Common kitchen chores include chopping food items to desired size, cooking food on a gas or an electric stove, grilling, baking, blending, mixing, and weighing; various utensils are designed for each job. Some kitchen tools and utensils came in sets while other kitchen tools and utensils may be purchased singly. Some examples of tools and utensils that may be purchased singly include; spatulas, ladles, and spoons, forks, knives, and tongs.

Tongs: Used for taking the food out of one pot to another, tongs come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve the same purpose. A frying pan’s tongs may be made of metal, rubber, or plastic, and they may be oval, round, square, or circular. There are also long stainless steel tongs for slicing and for flipping fried foods. Rubber and silicone tongs are also available for the kitchen. Silicone handles are durable and won’t rust after many years of use. They are also very flexible, which makes them easier to work with when gripping tight surfaces.

Kitchen Tools And Utensils

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Fruits and Vegetable Chopper/Fruit Sword: In addition to removing food from the pan, a fruit knife can also be used to defrost baked goods. A vegetable chopper is similar to a fruit knife, except it has a blade that can be used to cut through tough root vegetables such as carrots. Some even have a serrated edge, so that it can be used to cut through tough stems and leaves. The vegetable chopper has a wire hook on the end of the blade so that it can be hung on the counter or hung over a kitchen sink.

Canned Food Canner: Long before the canning process became modern, early cave dwellers knew how to prepare foods in such a way that they could survive. The earliest versions of canning methods were composed of gathering plant parts and using the bone and animal bones to crack nuts and prepare raw food. Today, electric canners are available and they work much the same way. In fact, many canners are actually made with stone and ceramic elements that contribute to their durability.

Non-Stick Skillets and Spatulas: Silicone and rubber non-stick surfaces are perfect for preparing meals that involve vegetable, fruits, or fish. Non-stick skillets and spats also make perfect knives, making the kitchen tool collection even more comprehensive. Silicone and rubber offer ease of use and will not allow moisture to set in, making cleaning them a breeze. You can use the same utensils for all your other cooking tasks as well, meaning you have all the convenience and variety that you can imagine.

A Much Ado

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Knife Set: Many cooks agree that a quality chef’s knife set is essential for the kitchen. A good knife set will have everything you need for chopping, slicing, dicing, mincing, or grating. Some brands that feature a full set include; a paring knife, a steak knife set, a bread knife set, a boneless skinless chicken breast, a fillet knife, a thin cutting board, a pastry bag, a pasta set, and a glass jar with a tight seal. Other accessory pieces may also be purchased separately to augment the basic pieces. You can also add extra items if you wish to, such as a serrated knife, a basting brush, a food scale, a food chopper, and even an optional cutlery set.

Mixer Set: Any kitchen tools and utensils will be useless without the proper bowls. They are the work horses in a lot of kitchens because they come in so many sizes, colors, and materials. There are small mixing bowls for mixing sauces, eggs, cream, or soups, medium sized mixing bowls that can mix several ingredients, and large bowls that are perfect for cooking meats, cheeses, and other grains. A simple egg bowl will do just fine for most recipes, but there are specialized bowls designed for beating eggs whites to perfection, which is the preferred method for beating cake batters.

Bottom Line

Pizza Cutter: If you enjoy baking, then owning a pizza cutter will be absolutely necessary. Pizza cutters come in different styles depending on the size you want. Some of the more popular ones include; a hand held model that is much like a pastry basket and comes with a handle to help control the chopping utensil, a stand mixer style that has a dough hook that allows for easy cleaning up after usage, and even a food chopper. Food choppers are designed for making really small pieces of food and the blades are made out of diamond or stainless steel. The price range for these kitchen cutlery products start at around forty dollars all the way up to around one hundred dollars.

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