Colored Kitchen Appliances Can Make Your New Kitchen More Appealing

colored kitchen appliances

The correct colored kitchen appliances can greatly affect the overall mood and the size of your kitchen. Since kitchen appliances are so expensive and must last for much longer than other home appliances, you need to carefully and wisely decide on the kitchen appliance colour that you’re planning to pick up, since it is an important decision. There are many different colours and styles of kitchen appliances, each with their own unique feel and style, which means you should be sure to choose an appliance that not only matches your kitchen but also compliments the style of your house. Also, since kitchen appliances are used so frequently and help in the upkeep of your kitchen, you’ll want to choose a kitchen appliance that feels solid and durable.

An Overview

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When picking out colored kitchen appliances, keep in mind the mood or personality of your kitchen. While bright and vibrant colours might seem cool at first, they may actually cause a headache when using the appliances. As a result, you may want to consider going with neutral or pastel colours for your kitchen. These colours will help prevent headaches and provide a more pleasant experience when using the kitchen. Here are some tips that may help you choose the right coloured kitchen appliances for your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Fridge

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While stainless steel is typically the classic choice for a brand new kitchen, you may want to try a colored version made of stainless steel. There are many patterns and colours available, including ones that have black textured lines and stainless steel inserts. The stainless steel fridge is the best option if you already have a stainless steel refrigerator. However, if you’re trying to replace your fridge or you plan on remodeling the rest of the kitchen, you’ll likely be able to find stainless steel appliances that will look nice in a new kitchen design. The downside is that these new coloured stainless steel fridges are usually more expensive than a traditional stainless steel fridge.

White and Red Fridges

If you’re looking for a unique way to incorporate coloured kitchen appliances into your design, consider the possibility of white and red. These look great together and provide a unique look that’s a bit different from other choices. While the effect might not last as long, it’s a stylish way to incorporate a colour into your kitchen. Just make sure to purchase white and red that complement each other well. For example, if you buy red kitchen sinks, try to avoid getting too much red because it can make your kitchen look gaudy.

Bold Statements

One thing you need to remember when choosing your coloured kitchen appliances is that bold statements are best done with darker colours. Dark colors tend to have a lot of visual impact, so you can easily draw attention to a particular piece by including it in your design. For instance, a big chill drawer would look great in a kitchen with a modern design that features black and white appliances. The same goes for a bold skirting in a classic kitchen that has earthy tones.

Bold Highlights

Just as black stainless steel is a good choice for creating a sophisticated design, so too are bright and energetic colors like blue and yellow. Mix these up with neutral colors like beige or white to create a nice balance. The key to making bold highlights work effectively is to combine the two. For instance, if you use a bright blue stove, try to use a similarly colored but smaller blue cabinet to bring out the contrast.

Neutral Wall Colors

When you’re working on a scheme that’s all about creating a space that’s inviting, it’s best to choose neutral colors like browns and tans for the walls. These also work wonderfully with kitchen appliances that are in bold, self-explanatory shades like red and black. Just remember that the wall color is the icing on the cake; it’s not the main attraction. You’ll want to pair your wall color with a brightly colored tablecloth and accent rug in order to pull off the theme even better.


Finally, you can always mix and match new kitchen appliances with the bold accents in your space by choosing bold colors like red or orange. Or go with solid white appliances with a splatter of red Accent Rugs. Or play it safe and keep everything in a monochromatic scheme, like black and white stainless steel appliances, or a color like cream. Whatever you do, don’t make your new kitchen a space that’s just waiting to become boring. Create an exciting space by playing with all of these different elements.

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