Automatic Soap Dispenser Design

Automatic Soap Dispenser Waterproof Design

Modern bathrooms make our life easy and stylish. Handwash is a popular product that is available in every bathroom. Nowadays, the automatic soap dispenser is a new bathroom gadget. This product is a useful gadget for every bathroom. A touchless soap dispenser is unique and adds to the style. It is a great home décor item.

Automatic Soap Dispenser Waterproof Design

Product Description

The automatic Soap dispenser is a modern way of handwash. Also, it adds to the décor and styling. This product is a wireless dispenser. The power supply is provided from 4 pieces of AAA batteries. Further, this device operates with the help of a sensor. This sensor detects the presence of a user and releases soap. Thus, to get the soap, place your hand below the dispenser. Also, the package contains a manual for installation and operations.

Automatic Soap Dispenser Features

  • This Automatic Soap Dispenser is touchless.
  • This device is ideal for both personal and public use
  • Further, it is waterproof and washable.
  • Also, this device is wireless and easy to install. You do not need extra wiring in the bathroom to install this device. 
  • It has strong anti-infrared interference
  • The product is made of ABS Plastic material.
  • The Product size is (L x W x H): 7 x 9.40 x 18.80 cm/ Weight: 0.17 kg
  • Also, it has a great capacity of 200ML.

Using Automatic Soap Dispenser

Automatic soap dispensers are better than manual dispensers. Because it is difficult to use manual dispensers with oily or slippery hands. Also, it is convenient for the kids to use. When kids are not able to reach out for soap, this dispenser helps them get soap easily. Further, this device helps reduce wastage of soap. So it dispenses just the right amount of soap for every handwash.

Moreover, another advantage is that it helps prevents the spreading of diseases as it is a touchless device. A lot of people use a public toilet; hence it should be installed to maintain hygiene. Thus with the help of a touchless tool, you can prevent contamination through touch. Hands spread and catch the most number of germs. So, avoid them with the help of an automatic soap dispenser. Hence it is an excellent device for both public and private establishments. 

Furthermore, it has a waterproof design. As it is waterproof design, it is washable and easy to clean. The sensor has strong anti-infrared interference. Thus there is less chance of malfunction and interruption. Also, it has a compact design, which makes it a great decoration for bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to this, the sensors can detect up to a distance of 5cm distance. Its dispense capacity 1 ml of liquid each time.


Thus, this soap dispenser is easy and safe to use. This product provides value for money. So give your bathroom a modern and stylish look with this product. Also, in public places, this is a useful and durable product. It prevents infection and ensures hygiene. Thus, you can install it in the bathroom for any other site where you need a handwash. It is also great for schools as children can use it easily. Further, it does not require any additional wiring, so it is easy to install. 

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