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8 Most Important Minimalist Kitchen Tools To Have

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We often end up with a pile of unused or unnecessary items in our kitchen. Well, decluttering the same turns out to be one of the most daunting tasks. There are a lot of unnecessary tools and items in between the drawers, pantry, fridge, countertops, cupboards, etc. Although you never realize it, more than half of those items are never really used. We thought of helping you with our list of minimalist kitchen tools so that you can keep the clutter away from your kitchen. 

Minimalist Kitchen Tools That You Need To Have 

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Take a look at the important kitchen tools and how many of them do you need. 

1. Grater 

One grater may be enough. If you are looking for a multitasker, you may go for a box grater that allows you to grate food items in different sizes. There are many other options that even let you peeling and spiralize. 

2. Peeler/Brush Combo 

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Having a peeler/brush combo can save you a lot of clutter. The brush can be used to clean various kitchen accessories, and the peeler will let you deal well with fruits and veggies. 

3. Bottle/Can Opener/Corkscrew 

Multipurpose accessories are going to go a long way with you. Suppose you don’t like the idea of them doing the work of all three. You will at least need one for your kitchen. 

4. Scissors 

Scissors have multiple uses like cutting food, opening packages, and they also come in handy for other household purposes. Getting the right pair of scissors will make them useful for other household tasks also. However, make sure to get the detachable ones so they can be cleaned easily. 

5. Knife Set 

The knife set you have needs to be perfect with different sized options for various tasks that need to be done. Knives are the most important kitchen tools you will have. Therefore choose them wisely and smartly. You can put your knife set to display along the counter and use them easily whenever needed. If you don’t want the entire set, you can learn how to properly use a chef’s knife, and you can clear all the clutter away very easily. 

6. Measuring Spoons/Cups  

You will need them in multiple sizes. While you may be underestimating measurements, these could considerably affect your cooking. It would be beneficial to get glass measuring cups that are microwave-safe or go for spoons if you’re not really in need of cups. 

7. Wooden Cutting Board 

You will have many plastic options. But when it comes to durability and style, wooden boards will prove to be the best. They will make cutting easier and be there with you for a long time. 

8. Silicone Hot Pads  

They can be easily used in place of oven mitts and jar openers. You will need them. 

Summing Up 

While you may be lured-in by various kitchen accessories which you don’t actually need, choosing the ones that will reduce the crowd in your space is important. This list of minimalist kitchen tools will help you make smarter choices.

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