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7 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For A Functional Kitchen

Kitchen Appliances

Be it processing food or brewing coffee, kitchen appliances make tasks in the kitchen easier. Whether they are small or large appliances, they save our time as well as effort in the kitchen. Although there are plenty of appliances to settle for, there are some that are must-have in every kitchen. Here is a list of 8 appliances you need to make your kitchen functional and modern.

Food Processor

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A food processor is one of the must-have kitchen appliances you need to prep your food. It helps in slicing, chopping, blending, or dicing the food ingredients in a short time. Thanks to its high-end blade attachments that do all those processing tasks. Unlike blenders, food processors are perfect to do labor-intensive tasks such as making dough, chopping the vegetables, etc. Also, they don’t need a set amount of liquid unlike blenders to process the ingredients.

Smart Coffee Maker

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A coffee maker is a must for coffee lovers who want a cup of coffee now and then. Instead of a standard coffee machine, invest in a smart coffee maker that will offer your favorite coffee right after you wake up from the bed. A smart coffee machine can be controlled via a smartphone/smart speaker on-demand or by setting a timer. That means you can put the coffee grounds in the machine and let it serve you a warm cup of Joe as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Toaster Oven & Microwave

Every functional kitchen needs a toaster oven as well as a microwave. These kitchen appliances use different heating methods and are made to do different tasks. While a toaster oven is effective in baking and toasting food, a microwave is ideal for heating and defrosting foods. No doubt you can cook some foods in the microwave but it won’t toast or bake as ovens do.


As its name implies, a blender blends the food ingredients that are in liquid or semi-solid form. It helps you prepare juices, smoothies, soups, and the likes. A blender has a more powerful motor and less sharp blade than that of a processor. Blenders are also better than juicers as they don’t separate the fiber from the whole vegetable or fruit. That means you are not deprived of fiber when consuming juices made from a blender, unlike those processed using juicers.


If you want to spend less time in the kitchen doing those dirty dishes, think no more, and invest in a dishwasher. A dishwasher will clean all those dishes in a short time. You can clean your utensils in one wash while controlling the water usage as well as electricity. Just put the right amount of dish detergent for hygienic and optimal cleaning. The only downside of a dishwasher is that it calls for subtle care and maintenance. Also, if you have a small kitchen, a dishwasher may not be a perfect fit for you.

Slow Cooker

A slow cooker cooks food at low-temperature for a prolonged period of time. It utilizes less electricity than a conventional oven and can cook different foods including stews, one-pot meals, and so on. Not to mention, slow cookers make the foods extra flavorful while preserving the essential nutrients. If you are a busy homemaker, investing in a slow cooker is a wise idea.

Electric Grill

If you love grilled food, an electric grill is a must-have in your kitchen. An electric grill will grill your food easily and efficiently without creating smoke like charcoal grills. Food grilled on an electric grill is not only healthy but tastes more delicious than fried food.

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