Best Juicers At Home


The Different Types Of Juicers 

1. A Slow Juicer

Because of its narrow vertical chute with a chamber and rotating auger, a slow chamber is a must to own. Besides, the squeezes juices come out through a filter and flow into the pitcher, and then dispersed from a sprout. Because of the slow process involved, the juicer commonly goes as a slow juicer. The use of a slow juicer preserves nutrients better than those high-speed juicers that generate heat.

7 Best Juicers To Make Delicious Juice At Home
7 Best Juicers To Make Delicious Juice At Home

2. A Centrifugal Juicer Mixer

However, the use of a centrifugal juicers give a much faster speed than the other slow type juicers. Here, the whole ingredients pulverize at high speed in a full feed tube. For instance, you can grind a 100 grams of kale in a quick seven seconds, while slow juicers take around one-minute time span. However, the juice from the centrifugal juicers come out as a foamy mixture. Moreover, the centrifugal combination comes with lidded pitchers and built-in filters.

3. A Citrus Juicer

The citrus juicers are most streamlined and the easiest of all the juicers. Besides, this juicer takes minimal space and provides secure storage. Unlike a centrifugal, or slow juicer, the citrus juicer is very helpful in squeezing lemon with minimal effort. You do not need to worry about removing the seeds, or peeling the exterior surface. Besides, the filters are prone to build-up and fasten the juicing process. However, this juicer makes use of only citrus fruits. 

The Top Seven Best Juicers 

1) The Juice Fountain Cold Plus Best Juicers Mixer

Because of its 3.5- inch wide feed tube, this juicer can fit an entire apple in its mixer. Besides, it comes with a high-speed descriptor and a 70-ounce pitcher. 

2) The 2-Speed And Best Juicers Extractor From The Easy Clean Big Mouth

This model juicer is straightforward to use and assemble. Besides, it is pretty fast and creates a pulp-free and smooth juice. Also, for those who prefer hand cleaning, the juicer comes with an innovative side-cleaning tool.

3) The Best Juicer Fountain Elite Juice Extractor

Because of its fast yet quiet innovation, the Elite juicer gets powered through sturdy fruits. Besides, its two-speed technology allows you to juice both hard and soft ingredients.

4) The H101 Easy Clean Slow Juice Mixer

This model comes with plastic strainers with large vertical grooves, which are easy to clean. Besides, this juicer contains a double-sided brush that allows easy cleaning and less digging. Also, this model takes place as the best freshest-tasting green juice.

5) The HP Slow Juice Mixer

Because of its curved design, the HP mixer is easy to use and assemble. Besides, it produces a smooth and good juice, and also comes in mint, white, or pink color. 

6) The Citrus Juice Extractor

This retro design model can squeeze your limes, oranges, lemons, and other varieties of citrus fruits with ease for a smooth juice. However, the model comes available in pastel blue, black, pastel green, cream, pink, and red color. 

7 Best Juicers To Make Delicious Juice At Home
7 Best Juicers To Make Delicious Juice At Home

7) The Whole Slow Juice Mixer

If you are looking for a comfortable carrying handle juicer to move around with, then the Whole Juicer is your choice. Besides, it contains a fine-mesh strainer and a clean-up feature.