Kitchen Cupboard Designs -

Kitchen Cupboard Designs

6 Popular Kitchen Cupboard Designs

Kitchens have always played an important role in homes. You cannot imagine a dwelling without this space where you can eat, have fun with friends, and retire for the day. It is the part where you store all your edibles. Thus, it needs to have several cabinets and cupboards. Interior designers of modern times have now provided affordable cabinet facilities. Whether you have ample modular space or a small one, use the popular kitchen cupboard designs for giving the area a decorative touch.

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Traditional Kitchen Cupboard Designs

If you are on the lookout for providing a conventional appearance to the kitchen, go for cupboards made of excellent timber. They will offer a sturdy touch to your space. Go for several big and small cupboards in varied sizes and shapes for fitting in all your groceries.

Also, try choosing designs where the center platform features hanger stuff. These will offer you the freedom of slanting regularly required utensils and vessels.

Veneer Wood Cabinets

Cabinets or cupboard made of beautiful quality veneer wood can serve as warm kitchen additions. They are in trend these days and mainly work towards adding depth to almost any space. Veneer cupboards fantastically showcase fine wood particles. If chosen carefully, these masterpieces can help you in enjoying several decades of style as well as warmth.

Modern Kitchen Cupboards

Modern kitchen cabinets offer a completely altered appearance to the kitchen. The majority of these cupboards have corner fit designs on their sides, the upper portions and also the lower portions. They have open center platforms for attaching chimneys on the top.

Rustic Cabinets

Rustic designs in the category of cabinets generally reflect a mountain or country lifestyle. These are usually large cupboards in warm colors. They are made using excellent quality wood featuring intricate details as well. These cupboards also speak of character in the form of imperfections and knots.

Instead of going for the glossy finishes, you can opt for the matte or the rugged stains for accentuating the authentic look and feel of wood. Wrought-iron or rubbed-brass hardware can even be used for complementing the rustic cabinet design.

The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors
The Most Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Contemporary Cupboard Designs

These are lovely U-shaped cabinets for modern kitchens. These cupboard designs have gained massive popularity in recent times. They have a living area connected to the kitchen. You will generally find them in white and black steel material along with durable fiber. Such cabinets have one wall with a cupboard appearance while the other side is left for decorations with oven, gas and so on.


Shakers are cabinets in clean, functional, and simple designs. They generally feature flat-paneled doors in wood finishes. The paneled doors of these cabinets come with rail framing. You will find shakers in neutral colors like gray and white. This cabinet design is quite popular among modern homeowners because of its casual and classic look.

These are some excellent cupboard designs with the potential of moving your kitchen to a completely different level.

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