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6 Latest Kitchen Designs To Fascinate You

So, what’s trending in the world of the latest kitchen designs? Curved edges, fluted glass, and raw surfaces to smart extractors, patterned flooring, and open kitchen storage – there is no shortage of exclusive and super cool design trends.
Also, with new brands making their presence felt in the market, there is no shortage of innovative kitchen designs and ideas. Whether your present kitchen requires a good revamp or you want a refreshing design, take some inspiration from the latest trends in kitchen design:

6 Latest Kitchen Designs To Fascinate You
6 Latest Kitchen Designs To Fascinate You

Latest Kitchen Designs – Curves Are In This Season

Curved, softer profiles are shaping up as big news! It is time for you to say hello to complete indulgence. Browse the market for curve-focused cabinet and countertop collections. Curvy kitchens have even made way into the pages of popular magazines and online sources people brush through when looking for inspiration.

Backsplash Feature Walls

Kitchen backsplashes are making a big statement this season with designers extending the use of tiles to the ceilings. Instead of tiles on the countertop, the stylish, modern-day kitchens feature a complete wall made entirely of tiles. The appearance adds visual interest and texture to almost any kitchen.

6 Latest Kitchen Designs To Fascinate You
6 Latest Kitchen Designs To Fascinate You

Anti-Kitchen: Popular In Latest Kitchen Designs

The anti-kitchen trend is about a kitchen which is not a kitchen. What do you mean by this? Anti-kitchens are spaces with chameleon-like ability. They remain hidden as kitchens with the focus completely being on form and not function. The trick here is choosing a palette of finishes and materials typically associated with drawing room furniture. Exotic stones and luxurious timbers score highly. Additionally, there is this plush use of appliances only where possible.

Bespoke Larders And Pantries

A mandatory item in modern kitchens, with easily accessible ingredients and storage at the perfect temperature, well-designed larders and pantries are a thing of beauty. This is a growing trend in modern kitchen design widely be accepted by people who are working on redesigning their old kitchen spaces.

Hint Of Timber

Going for an all-timber kitchen is difficult because you need to keep up with the traditional theme. Nevertheless, kitchen trends this season see the increased usage of restrained injections of wooden warmth. Timber in inherently unique and this is what makes it an integral part of modern kitchens.

Bench Seating Arrangements

It is yet another widely trending kitchen design idea. There are more and more interior designers going for in-built bench seating arrangements in kitchens and dining nooks. Others are hacking the in-built appearance simply by introducing pieces of bench furniture. Such pieces go a long way in transforming dining spots and kitchens into extraordinary lounge areas.
You can even tuck some storage containers under these benches. They offer a feeling similar to that of a banquette but without high costs. The bench seating arrangement is perfect for creating a difference between two different zones but without the ruggedness of straight lines.
These state-of-the-art and on-trend kitchen designs will surely enhance the feel and look of your space.

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