5 Essential Japanese Kitchen Tools For Basic Cooking

Japanese Kitchen Tools

Japan is famous for its traditional arts, including its tea ceremonies, Buddhist temple, calligraphy, and flower arrangements. Of Course, their Japanese cuisine is surrounded by regional and traditional food based on rice with miso soup and other dishes. There are some famous Japanese tools you should have in your kitchen to cook Japanese cuisine. In Japan, people still use their traditional Japanese kitchen tools to prepare their traditional dishes.

Japanese Kitchen Tools You Need To Have-

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The first thing in Japanese kitchen tools is their knives, which are traditionally known as Gyutou. Japanese knives are lighter and thinner than any European knives. Japanese artisans are famous for making wood planes, saws, swords, and utensils for centuries. They use their traditional techniques with modern approaches. Japanese knives are sharp, challenging, and thin with high quality as made from hardened steel.

Bamboo Sushi Mat

Japanese kitchen tool consists of a bamboo sushi mat called makisu; it is a wooden woven mat with cotton strings. Makino is used for rolling sushi, to give shape to other soft food, and to squeeze extra oil or water out of food.

Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese chopsticks are known as hashi, and it is the single most crucial eating utensil in Japan. Japan is known for its etiquette, and this too includes mealtime. They are very particular about table manners. You cannot play or rub chopsticks. You can’t stick your chopsticks in rice bowls, etc. There are many rules that you can’t break; otherwise, it can be considered as rude behavior. So before getting Japanese kitchen tools, you must know about it first.


When we talk about japan, we immediately remember their traditional tea ceremonies and those unique and aesthetic teapots. Here we are talking about Japanese kitchen tools, so how can we miss their teapots. Japanese teapots have three main shapes, which are also known as kyusus. Thrice of them have their style of pouring tea. These are Yokode kyusu {side-handle teapot}, Uwade kyusu{top-handle teapot}, Ushirode kyusu {back-handle teapot}.

Rice Mixing Tubs

Japanese rice mixing tubs are known as Hangiri; it is a traditional tub used to mix sushi rice. The tub is handmade by artists with cypress wood from Nagano. Hangiri is an essential Japanese kitchen tool to make sushi rice as these are mainly designed to keep rice with the right moisture and warmth while making sushi.


So are you ready to prepare your Japanese dishes with these Japanese kitchen tools that you need to have for your basic cooking? You don’t need to plan a trip to Japan to get these utensils because these are available online on different shopping apps, so you are good to go. Also, there are many stores in India where you can get these and enjoy your Japanese cuisine at home.

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